[INFOGRAPHIC]: 3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Embrace Internal Mobility

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Modern career paths are dramatically different than they used to be.

People don't stay with one company for their whole careers, nor do they stay in one role for many years on end.

Today, employees crave one thing above all else: the ability to grow continually throughout their careers. For talent teams looking to solve current retention issues and prepare for the continued changing way people work, internal mobility needs to be a foundational part of the strategy.

Employers who don't drive career growth for their employees will face huge problems with retention. The most frequent reason employees leave jobs is a lack of perceived career growth.

To change this, innovative companies should leverage a data-science driven approach to encourage more internal mobility within their organizations. Retaining top employees takes more than just compensation, today's employees crave career growth and purpose.

Why Internal Mobility?

At Paddle HR, we believe that giving your employees the room they need to grow is the best way to retain their services. To fill the gaps they need, employers should look towards the talent they already have. Not only will this help keep their workforce intact, but it will also help save money in the hiring process. 

"Internal mobility is a dynamic internal process for moving talent from role to role - at the leadership, professional, and operational levels." - Bersin by Deloitte

Internal mobility can be a fairly involved, complicated topic. For a baseline understanding of the concept, our infographic below gives you a shareable low-down on one of the most talked-about topics in human resources today.

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Bruce Chen