The best candidate for the job already works for you.

Paddle finds great internal candidates for open jobs, by using your HR data and AI technology.

Internal recruiting is a top talent priority for the most innovative companies globally.

  • Internal recruiting costs less (on average only 50% of the cost an external recruiting).
  • Internal candidates perform better on the job and have a lower time-to-productivity.
  • Increasing internal mobility increases retention and lowers the time-to-fill new roles.


Find the best internal matches for open roles in minutes.

  • Find and contact the most qualified internal talent for a job posting, matched by skills, education and past performance.
  • HR departments get high-level analytics about the state of internal mobility and key recommendations to improve.

Empower your employees to dream big about their future.

  • Drive employees to seek internal opportunities before looking outside.
  • Focus learning and development goals based on future moves within the company.
  • Match employees to open roles that suit their skills and abilities, and encourage them to apply.

Paddle is built on a new frontier of research on "T-shaped" careers.

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Modern life is warped by the trend of specialization — the push for each person to be an expert in their own little niche. But is this serving us well? In business, government and non-profits, as well as in personal life, sports and the arts, we are led down the rabbit hole of narrow expertise. As a result, most of us lack the coping skills for succeeding in ever-changing, more complex, and diverse societies.

Our research suggests that several immutable trends are bringing an end to the era of linear specialization. Instead, the future belongs to "T-shaped" professionals — those who have both depth and breadth across multiple sectors, disciplines, and functions. Our research found that people who embrace the T-shaped career path are more likely to survive and thrive in the future of work. In the process, they also become more innovative, adaptable and collaborative.

Paddle's smart matching algorithm and career discovery tools stem from this research. As a result, Paddle helps companies improve internal mobility and get the most from their talent.

These insights are based on years of primary research by Matthew Thomas (Paddle's Co-Founder & CEO) and Nick Lovegrove (Paddle's Senior Advisor) on developing T-shaped careers. You can review their findings by reading: 

Read more about Paddle's primary research and assessment methodology here.

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