Give your students the gift of self-awareness and confidence.

Paddle's Motivational Report

Self-Awareness INTO Purpose and CAREER

After a quick assessment, each student is first presented with their motivational type, a high-level way to summarize their unique motivational priorities.

Students are presented with hundreds of insights about their priorities, role models and trade-offs. The insights can be interpreted on their own or through a workshop.

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Based on students' individual skill and sector goals, Paddle scans thousands of live, local job postings to find the jobs that best match the student's interests.

Students can receive email notifications when their target employers post new jobs, and are continually encouraged to seek out new employers, jobs and opportunities.

Paddle's Sector Recommendations

Career Exploration FOR CURIOUS MINDS

Students are free to explore careers in over 20 distinct sectors in society, spread across business, government, non-profits and academia. 

Each sector guide contains expert-sourced information on the sector's top employers, role models, programs, events and content, allowing students to quickly get up to speed.

Tailored LEARNING, Delivered Weekly

Students are recommended a tailored list of career and learning opportunities on a weekly basis, all based on their unique sectors, skills and motivational profile.

We work with campus partners to include the unique co-curricular opportunities on your campus to increase student engagement and leverage existing resources.

Enable your career counsellors to provide the best advice.

Live Chat

Chat with dozens of students at the same time directly through Paddle. 
Career counsellors can review students' interests ahead of time and screen students' needs before scheduling an in-person counselling session or workshop.



Leverage ready-to-go workshop and appointment outlines, complete with discussion questions, interactive exercises and great samples. We've tested these with leading universities and employers, but best of all? Students love them too.

Backend Access

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Career counsellors and professors can invite students to the platform and message groups of students based on common interests (such as skills or sectors). Admins can see how engaged students are and make better, data-driven decisions.

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Watch your students share how much they ♥ Paddle.

I was surprised that I was placed in the intersection of the non-profit, government, and business sectors. The report gave me the motivation to look for positions that highlighted my strengths while still playing into my interests.
— Lisa, an undergrad from Stanford University
I’ve always been taught to develop my weaknesses. But your message of focusing on strengths makes more sense, and frankly, is a breath of fresh air. Your report really highlighted what I am already good at, and how I can lead with my strengths.
— Tyler, a graduate student from Munk School at the University of Toronto
Results were bang-on and particularly love the sector recommendations. This is actually an evaluation I wish I had access to during my second and third years of undergrad, I think it would have helped me identify and focus in on my long-term goals a lot sooner.
— Julie, a recent grad from Western University

Paddle is built on a new frontier of research on non-linear careers.

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Modern life is warped by the trend of specialization — the push for each person to be an expert in their own little niche. But is this serving us well? In business, government and non-profits, as well as in personal life, sports and the arts, we are led down the rabbit hole of narrow expertise. As a result, most of us lack the coping skills for succeeding in ever-changing, more complex, and diverse societies.

Our research suggests that several immutable trends are bringing an end to the era of linear specialization. Instead, the future belongs to non-linear generalists — those who have both depth and breadth across multiple sectors, disciplines, and functions. Our research found that people who embrace the non-linear career path are more likely to survive and thrive in the future of work. In the process, they also become more innovative, adaptable and collaborative.

Paddle's interactive self-assessment tools, professional development recommendations and career planning resources stem from this research. As a result, Paddle helps students develop a plan to acquire both depth and breadth in their careers, and prepare for the non-linear future of work. 

These insights are based on years of primary research by Matthew Thomas (Paddle's Co-Founder & CEO) and Nick Lovegrove (Paddle's Senior Advisor) on developing non-linear careers. You can review their findings by reading: 

Read more about Paddle's primary research and assessment methodology here.