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Now, you might be wondering…who are we and why are we so obsessed with internal mobility and talent retention?

Paddle HR is an enterprise-ready, AI-powered career pathing platform. Powered by 400M people’s career histories, we help…

  • Employees find new career paths

  • Managers better coach their employees

  • HR professionals better understand how talent moves within their organization


#1 Reason for Employee Attrition is Lack of Career Growth.

42% of employees cite the lack of career growth as the reason why they left their employer. This beats out salary and people-related issues as attrition-drivers.

Internal Hires Perform Better, and Reach Productivity Quicker.

Academic research shows that internal hires outperform hires and reach productivity quicker. Not only that, but they cost less too: internal hires have 20% lower salaries.

Career mobility is not equitably distributed in your company.

Underrepresented women are 50% more likely to be passed over for a promotion than white men. This leads to a lack of diverse leadership and talent throughout your organization.


Find out what poor internal mobility costs you annually.


  1. 42% of employees leave due to poor career growth opportunities, according to the Conference Executive Board (now part of Gartner). [PDF]

  2. It costs between 6 to 9 months of a departing employees salary to replace them, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.