AI Powered Internal Job Board, For Employees

We create visibility around career opportunities for your employees.


Employees Get Career Paths. That’s Paths, Not Path.

Using our data set of 370 million career histories as a foundation, we should employees all the internal career paths they have available and help them see the future they could have if they stay at your organization.


See How Skills Stack Up

When employees are matched with a job, they’ll be able to see exactly how their skills stack up against the skills required to be successful in the role. In some cases they’ll be a perfect fit, in other cases they’ll need to work on a few things. Our Job Board will alert them to any gaps.


A Personalized Job Board

Using the same technology & data behind our Internal Recruiter Platform, our technology actively matches your employees to internal jobs across business functions, for which they are qualified for. We even alert them to new opportunities right to their inbox.


Works With Your Existing ATS & HRIS

We’re able to pull data (such as job postings) from wherever it lives today. Paddle HR are seamless and do the heavy lifting for you.