Frequently Asked Questions


What is internal mobility?

Internal mobility is the movement of employees to new positions within the same company. This movement can occur across different business units, job functions, seniority, department and more. Internal movement opportunities include new positions, projects, assignments designed to help both the company and the individual grow. Career paths are becoming increasingly non-linear, and internal mobility opportunities provide employees engaging and relevant experiences to improve their skills.

Why is internal mobility important?

Hiring internally is simply a better talent strategy than external recruitment, for the following reasons:

  • Losing top talent: 42% of employees who leave cite poor career growth as a reason why

  • Attrition is expensive: It costs 6-9 months worth of an employee's salary to replace them

  • Internal hires are cheaper and perform better: Their salaries are 20% less and they grade higher in performance reviews, while reaching productivity quicker than external hires

How do you increase internal mobility?

Encouraging mobility within an organization starts with a culture change at the top, as well as calculated action towards improving the number of internal applicants within a company. Some of the best ways to do this include:

  • Create career mentoring programs for employees

  • Encouraging career pathing creation for employees

  • Offering extra training for employees, especially across departments

  • Incentivize career development from managers

  • Consider candidates who have the potential to perform a variety of job functions

  • Embracing AI and data science to assess the talent landscape

What are some companies in the world using internal mobility?

Some of the world's biggest companies, including AT&T, Walmart, Google, Spotify, Sodexo and more are embracing internal mobility.

How does Paddle HR help companies with internal mobility?

Our software platform is powered by 400M people's career histories, and companies who work with us are able to help their employees find new career paths, help managers become career coaches and help HR teams better understand how talent moves in their company.